10 Genius Inventions that exist only in Japan

Elevator Parking

In a country with high population like Japan, you can expect some talent innovations while talking about space-saving techniques. You can imagine that there is plenty of space in the parking lot and the spacious parking garage. It is a car lift that stores cars in a silo, we need to raise or raise.

Movable Train Seats

If you are sitting on the train we are feeling weird and your back is facing the direction in which you are traveling, in Japan the seat of these trains that you have been designed to roam around your seats. Can sit in front of his friends and face his friends.

Capsule Motels

Space is a serious problem in the dense urban areas of Japan’s biggest cities. Small studio apartments and big hotels can be quite expensive in Japan, which is why they are in a capsule hotel with a super useful and future concept. If you really want a sleeping place for the night, these modular rooms are for you. A capsule comes with enough room for you and a small hand bag, any other accessories or personal items deposited in a large storage room, or a personal locker size for your accommodation.

Automatic Taxi Doors

Japan is so skilled in coming that you do not even have to open the door for your taxi. Many taxi cabs automatically open their door with the machine and the cab company provides another fantastic experience when the driver comes out to open the door for you. It does not matter that when you are facing a taxi, your door never has to be opened.

Kotatsu Table

This reputed piece of furniture is basically a low wooden table, which is covered by heavy futon with a table top. A small heater is also fueled by coal, usually replaced by a small electric heater. It originated from the Muromachi era in the 14th century, They have come in fashion for many reasons, one is that homes in Japan are also converted into Western Building. Staying warm is not easy. The kotatsu was designed with traditional Japanese clothing that enters under warm clothes or kimono and emerges to warm the whole body.

Umbrella Parking Lots

In Japan there is almost whole season of rain, so it is understood that every citizen has at least one hole outside public places. These canopy parking lots can also be found. This is a parking lot to store your wet roof before entering a building.

Automated Stores

You are probably familiar with the popularity of vending machines in Japan, but almost complete stores are completely automated. You can find vending machines that also sell beverages, snacks, hot food, clothes and underwear. Some stores only have capsules and even buy tokens from vending machines to order their food in the restaurant.

Motorcycle Helmet for Females

If you are a female, putting helmets can be an annoying process, especially if you have a peak. Well, Japan, I have something that has caused hair to blow up your head, literally. In Japan, women riding bikes are particularly likely to buy Farm Helmets for them, which come with a hole in the back that enables a peak to push through it.

Automated Hotels

Imagine that jab ap hotel jets me and dinosaur congratulates you at the reception desk. Well, it’s like in Japan. Many people in the country have completely removed the real life person thanks to thank you for checking in at the hotel for the first time. This can be a relief for some because it reduces the need to talk to any other person, but it may be a bit weird for others. Still, by any means, a fascinating desire to see a dinosaur behind the desk.

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