Rainbow Village Indonesia Which is famous all over the world because of its colorful colors

After every city in this world the village is definitely. At the same time you will have seen many villages, but there is a village in the world which is also defeating the cities due to its colorful beauty.The village we are talking about today is famous all over the world due to its colorful colors. Yes, Kampung Pelangi, a small village in Indonesia, was like sloppy in appearance, but today is transformed into ‘Rainbow Village’.
In a world filled with colorful shades, a village in Indonesia, known as ‘Rainbow Village’ has done a lot of work on social media. Combinations of colors  From this village has been given a new look which is attracting the attention of the tourist
This small village is in Kampung Pelangi Indonesia. This village has become famous all over the world. This village is located in Java Island. These villages of dreams are beautiful cities. There are 390 houses in this village, which have been painted in different colors.

Apart from the houses, the streets and their walls have also been painted. On seeing this village it is felt that the rainbow is falling on the sky. About 16 lakh rupees have been spent of the entire village. This work has been completed in collaboration with the government and some companies. This village is situated on the banks of the river between the mountains. Earlier this village was the slug area of ​​Indonesia. The broken house and the backward people lived here.But the principal of a school took the initiative to change this village.

The Central Java Community approved his proposal and started working on it fast. After the dyeing of houses and streets, the appearance of this village has changed. The entire village looks like someone has come to the exhibition exhibition. To see this village, there are huge crowds of tourists. It seems as if it has gone to another world.

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