Kailasa Temple Ellora Which Science is also surprised by seeing.

There are temples all over Lord Shiva at different places in the whole world but some temples are so special that science also fails them in front of them. Today we are going to tell you about a similar Shiva temple, which is a wonderful specimen of architecture. Yes, today we are going to tell you about a Shiva temple which is built in the seventh century. Archaeologist is wondering about this Shiva temple that how this kind of architecture has been built in that era.This Kailash Temple is the most wonderful of the 34 Elephora caves of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. While making a temple or a building, pieces of stones are made up of one compacted on one side, but a unique method has been adopted to build the Kailash temple.

Its specialty is that it was made from top to bottom, whereas nowadays buildings are constructed from bottom to top. The stones were cut and cut into hollow by the temple, pole, door, carving etc. What would have been amazing design and planning.Apart from this, it is not normal for the system to accumulate rain water, drains to drain out the water, temple towers and bridges, beautiful balconies made of finely designed, cutlery straps, secret underground paths etc. All the stones are cut.At the same time, the modern era engineers believe that in today’s time, there will be no centuries, not years to build such a wonderful temple of architecture. In ancient times, it took only 18 years to build it. He argues that there is no end to such a technique available anywhere in India.

It is believed that Kailash Temple was constructed during the Commonwealth King Krishna I (756-773 CE).Apart from this, there is no such information as the purpose of making this temple, technology to make, and the name of the builder. The engraved article on the walls of the temple has been very old and the written language has not been read.It is said that it has been tried very hard to make Kailash of the Himalayas, that is why it is also called Kailash Temple.


This temple was cut to a height of about 40 thousand tonnes and a 90-ft high temple was built. Nandi stands in front of this temple, and stands on both sides of the giant elephants and pillars. Along with it, bricks and stones are made without cutting a rock. Scientists from around the world could not solve the secret of this temple. By seeing this we would realize that our ancestors were very knowledgeable of architecture.

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